Spring is in the air! The changing seasons and Ibiza property hints and tips

by Admin on May 4, 2015

Spring has been quite late arriving to the White Isle this year and it has only really brightened up in the last week with temperatures soaring to a wonderful 31 degrees yesterday, May 3rd and Spanish Mothers Day!

It may not seem immediately obvious but the seasons do impact on the property market here in quite a big way and there are variations that it is important to note if you are looking to rent or buy a property in Ibiza.

Renting and the joys of winter 

Firstly for property rental it is imperative that you know that it is virtually impossible to secure a full year rental once the tourist season is underway . In reality this kicks in around the middle of April when owners will generally decide that if their property offer has not been taken by then that they will take advantage of the lucrative summer rental market. In reality they can easily take more in one week in summer than they would take in a month on a long term lease so the benefits are clear for them of suspending their offer for a few months. The other factor which bears on this is that they have often in the past been stung by people who will sign a full term contract at the start of summer at an annual rental price and simply disappear at the end of September leaving the owner with an empty property and often unpaid rent. This makes it very hard for the genuine client wishing to start their lease at the beginning of the season to find anything suitable. If you can it is better to plan your move between October and March but if this is impossible then be prepared to offer as much proof of your intention to stay on for the whole year and your ability to commit to payment of the rent throughout the year as you possibly can , providing of course you are lucky enough to find anything at all.Some owners do offer summer only rentals for the longer term at a cheaper rate than vacations so it may be worth looking to strike a deal whereby you pay a higher rent over the summer and then a lower one to even the balance if you want to stay through winter too. However it really is easier to stick to the winter months if possible.

If you are concerned about starting a rental contract in October in relation to your children missing out on the first few weeks of school do bear in mind that it will take some weeks for them to secure a place anyway so this is going to be unavoidable in any case if you intend to send them to a state school. This isn’t so much of an issue though as the first few terms they will spend learning the language and will in all probability repeat their first year anyway.

One last thing to note. Be very wary of cheap rentals offered at the start of winter and do not consider a winter only rental on the basis it is a low price. There are many out there but if you do this and wish to  stay for the summer at the end of your contract you may well find yourself sleeping in a tent for the summer for the reasons of availability we have talked about above!

Looking to buy?

The summer months bring their own issues if you are planning viewing trips with the intention to buy a property in Ibiza. One of the main things to be aware of the whole year is that agents most often do not have keys even to empty properties unlike the UK so many a time the owners co operation is essential to arrange viewings. Generally it is better to plan ahead as much as you can and advise your agent as soon as possible of your intended dates. Properties are often rented out in the summer months to holiday makers and so you need to be as flexible as possible with your schedule if you want to see that particular property you’ve set your heart on. They will very rarely allow their guests to be disturbed by potential buyers, it is often their livelihood and constant streams of people marching through your holiday villa doesn’t make for a great Tripadvisor review! It may well be that the only possible time would be between guests, at changeover time so the place may not look it’s best so do bear that in mind and try to see past a little clutter. If you give your agent as much advance notice as possible there is more chance that a viewing can be slotted in for you but flexibility is a must at this time of year. Although it is appealing to mix a viewing trip with a holiday we would recommend separate trips if possible if you are aiming for the summer months so you can focus on the task in hand for this reason.Also try to make the trip as long as possible to allow for owners who may be working long hours  of shift work in summer and not wish to give over their Sundays to viewings. At any time of year in Ibiza Sundays are pretty much sacred and a day to spend with family, no matter what, so it’s not a great idea to come only for a weekend and expect to be accommodated readily at any time. A little pre planning can go a long way to a successful trip! On the whole winter is an easier time to view if you can’t be flexible or plan ahead but there is then,from the UK at least, a paucity of direct flights to the island which you need to consider. There are two periods best avoided in winter if you want to assure viewings on your options. These are generally the run up to Christmas, although this isn’t as long as the UK and also the last couple of weeks in February. Many people leave the island then to avoid the worst of the winter weather so access may be a problem.

If you have any doubts then speak to us at R&R Ibiza and we can advise you on your plans and make sure that your rental or purchase search runs as smoothly as possible and you find your perfect Ibiza property.

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